2 Minutes on Parshat Miketz: Day of Unification

The inherent duality (shniyut) within the human being of the yetzer hatov (good inclination) and the yetzer hara (evil inclination)--and a vision of the end of the days of duality ("miketz shnatayim yamim") by experiencing peace and coming to realize the illusory nature of evil. Can we catch a glimpse of this every seventh day on Shabbat?

In memory of my grandmother, Eva Filler, Chava Bracha bat Ben-Tzion Halevi z"l.

2 Minutes on Parshat Vayeshev: Adding Shabbat

The relationship between Shabbat and Tosefet Shabbat: properly anticipating the onset of shabbat is an even greater challenge than experiencing Shabbat itself. Even though this sense of anticipation is a "child" of Shabbat, it exists independently. As such, it must be developed in its own right, during the mundane days of the week.

2 Minutes on Parshat Vayetze: The Well and the Stone

The be'er mayim chaim (well of living waters) lies just beneath a large stone. On Shabbat, the mouth of the well is revealed to the world, providing ease of access to its depth. Those who live on a high spiritual plane--following the lead of Yaakov/Yisrael--can behold the imprint of Shabbat upon the rest of the days of the week.