2 Minutes on Parshat Miketz: Day of Unification

The inherent duality (shniyut) within the human being of the yetzer hatov (good inclination) and the yetzer hara (evil inclination)--and a vision of the end of the days of duality ("miketz shnatayim yamim") by experiencing peace and coming to realize the illusory nature of evil. Can we catch a glimpse of this every seventh day on Shabbat?

In memory of my grandmother, Eva Filler, Chava Bracha bat Ben-Tzion Halevi z"l.

2 Minutes on Parshat Vayeshev: Adding Shabbat

The relationship between Shabbat and Tosefet Shabbat: properly anticipating the onset of shabbat is an even greater challenge than experiencing Shabbat itself. Even though this sense of anticipation is a "child" of Shabbat, it exists independently. As such, it must be developed in its own right, during the mundane days of the week.

2 Minutes on Parshat Vayetze: The Well and the Stone

The be'er mayim chaim (well of living waters) lies just beneath a large stone. On Shabbat, the mouth of the well is revealed to the world, providing ease of access to its depth. Those who live on a high spiritual plane--following the lead of Yaakov/Yisrael--can behold the imprint of Shabbat upon the rest of the days of the week.

2 Minutes on Parshat Chayei Sara: The Blessing of the Vessel

Avraham blesses everything in the world, and this ability stems from Hashem's blessing of each of the avot with the attribute of kol (everything). We refer to these Divine blessings as ba-kol, mi-kol, kol, based on psukim (verses) that invoke these words in the context of each of the avot (Bava Batra 17a). Each of the avot are represented by each of the three shabbat meals on Shabbat--the day Hashem blesses as the day of the week which holds the blessing of shalom (peace). Shabbat Shalom.